About us

In an attempt to add to the reality of Flight Simulator, ardent enthusiasts have been creating AI models, repaints and AI flightplans. Nearly every airline and airliner has been modeled and painted with varying degrees of accuracy. But when it comes to GA traffic, most simmers seem to settle for the default flightplans and aircraft that came with FS. Unfortunately the models are not suitable for AI, the paint schemes are not realistic, and the flightplans bloody awful! We have seen a growing demand for better GA traffic in several forums and perhaps this can be the place where it starts to happen?


Things started to change when a couple of skilled modelers (Dee and Henry) released a few low-polygon, multi LOD AI GA models. A couple of repaints were done and a couple of localised packages were created. David decided to bite the bullet and attempt to create 'realistic' flightplans. Suddenly more and more repaints started appearing, but the majority of traffic was still in the plain white of the original models.Then David started to work with a few of the GA repainters, as well as others who allowed us to include their work, and we put everything together before release.

Our first full package, "Ultimate Citation 550" was released in April 2005, and became an instant hit. We talked things through and decided to go ahead and create more packages. The Ultimate Cessna 402 followed soon after, then we had the opportunity to grow and grow, as more contributors offered to paint GA aircraft for our packages.

Ultimate GA also saw the need for AFCAD files for GA airports and creating those became an integral part of what we do.The success of Ultimate GA packages is purely down to the contributions of work by AI fanatics from all parts of the world.

We strive to improve with each new package released and take great pride in our releases. We do hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoyed making them.  Feel free to use our forums as part of your enjoyment of the hobby, we don't offer prizes for post counts, but at times it's nice to know that you are out there!



             The UGA team